The Sound of Money and the Smell of Soup

Una illustrazione per  " The Sound of Money and the Smell of Soup " che ho fatto un po' di tempo fa per Oxford University Press di NY.

Pet Finders Books

Recently I was working on two books of "Pet Finders."  Very cool Stories , set on a Scottish island, featuring Amelia and Rory-two children who have started the 'Pet Finders Agency' to earn some pocket money.look for them at the end of May 2013.

Here are the cover artworks I've done for Books 1 and 2.

Heroes,Villains, and Vincent

" Heroes,Villains,and Vincent " written by Trenton Payne. These are the cover artwork and some illustrations of the book. and below is the link of the spirit boy publishing website if you are interested in knowing more about the autor and the project: