4 Jul 2008

L'appuntamento alla taverna del ragno d'oro

Una taverna nel cuore di un bosco..un giorno di primavera prestigiatore ha un appuntamento con un vecchio amico...qui c'è una accogliente atmosfera creata da animali e umani!


indigene said...

I'm not sure what it says, but it is a beautiful illustration! I love the color and busy nature of it. Happy New Year and keep up the wonderful work in 2009.

CharlieCreek said...

I don't speak (or read for that matter) I think Itallian either but a quick yahoo translation and I think the jist of it is...

'A Taverna in the heart of a forest. on a spring day. .il prestigiatore has an appointment with an old friend… it is a pleasant atmosphere created from animals and humans'

Anyway lovely illustration, and I hope the web translation isn't a million miles away from the truth!

shahab said...

web translation is very near to the original test.I think that works good enough.
but thank you very much for your comment.
for the moment I have to write in italian in my blog because it is more visited in italy
thanks again shahab

Fadas & C.ª said...

Great illustration! Full of interesting and curious details. Love the colours, the characters and the whole composition. Well done!