26 Nov 2009

studio di personaggi


Natalie said...

You are a genious, my friend :)
Love your work!
Miss you very much!

shahab said...

Thank you very much Natalie!
I miss you too!

Ale said...

Wow!! you are amazing!!

Do you have links or book name´s for to learn? I´m so very bad for to draw the faces. Thanks for your help!


shahab said...

Hi Ale!Unfortunately I don't have that. but I think you should practice more. start to draw the faces. you could use pictures of real people or draw the faces live! or you sit in front of a mirror and make self-portraits. so you train your hand. If you like to draw you shouldn't put down the pencil never!

.guarajeno. said...

i really love your blog! :)

shahab said...

Hello .guarajeno., Thanks!